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Rogers Clan

"Hi you've reached Todd, Juliet and the 6 lil Roggies sorry we can't get to the phone right now..." we know the rest of the drill right? I welcome all the the ROGERS CLAN! Todd Rogers and Juliet Taylor lived lives far from each other. Not only physically but more in regards to lifestyle. From a Doctor's daughter... pianist and All-state basketball player in Illinois, to a poor rugged farm boy who played 3 sports all school year and a developed a hard work ethic... one could see the differences in these two lives. With the passing of time and of course a little bit of luck, Juliet found her "Romeo" while attending school out at BYU! On April 25, 1984 Todd and Juliet became the newest Rogers Clan. As suggested by the title, Todd and Juliet expanded to 6 children over the next 13 years. Megan, Logan, Cameron, Landon, Dillon, and Madison joined their parents as an eternal unit!

My parents always loved pointing out that their 2 daughters were the bookends to keep their 4 boys under control... We as brothers were always sure to roll our eyes ;) I LOVE ME FAMILY! With the dynamic setup as a family it was easy to form strong bonds and relationships that even last today as I serve a mission. I will blame our many activities: basketball, hunting, football, 4-wheeling, "Utah Trips", camping, family lectures from dad, watching BRONCO football, and even the tough and sensitive moments. All of us are tied through countless memories of tradition, adventure, learning, struggling, and succeeding. There are to many combination's of members of my family and the activities to even slightly depict how deep our family ties run but what I do know is that it all starts at the top... the example of my parents! I know my parents are their for me and my siblings!

You know you have a friend when you have your tears dried from scrapping your knee on the sidewalk... when someone stays up in the mid hours of the morning helping you finish a school project... when someone attends your sporting and extra curricular events and screams at the top of their lungs for you... when someone cries because of your mistakes and rejoices in your good doings... when someone encourages you when things get rough... and when someone gives you all they have... I have been given many great examples in my life on how I should conduct myself with others just based off of my parents example! The thing that really empowers all of this is where this all stems from. We know that families are eternal... they are the most important unit on earth.... and they are everything! Learn how today your family can be together forever!