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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Called to serve

I always chuckle inside as I see eyes glued at me in any given situation while I walk around in public as a missionary. Here I am... 21 years old, relatively inexperienced, wearing a white shirt and a tie and doing something that we don't find typical young adults doing: preaching the gospel. It's obvious as to why everyone looks then, right? It's not the ordinary... but rather unique! Fighting Crohn's disease, living in a family of 8, being a "Mormon", supporting a cancer fighter in my family, and  life back in Colorado Springs are important elements about me that people Wouldn't know at first glance. Yet, they have shaped me from the inside,which makes me portray who I am on the outside. My unique current lifestyle didn't just come about randomly, but rather was formed through life's course. I enjoy who I am and I'm not bashful nor ashamed... that must be why "eyes are glued at me and I just chuckle inside". I am CALLED TO SERVE as a missionary because of who I am! This blog will consist on how I feel my life is unique through past and current experiences. Because I know we all have books of stories within us that makes our own lives unique, I ask all to join with me in sharing your "unique" life highlights and post them in the comments below!